The Program of SWU aims to be an adequate answer for the pressing need of trained ministers (pastors, preachers, evangelists, leaders of different ministries) and non-ministers who will help Evangelical churches to accomplish their mission.

The Program embraces four key aspects:

1. Biblical aspect: All the books of the Bible are studied comprehensively.
2. Theological aspect: Theology is presented in a way that leads the student to develop interpretative thinking based on the sound doctrine of God’s Word.
3. Pedagogical aspect: The Program’s methodology creates an effective learning process.
4. Ministry aspect: the Program helps the students to recognize, develop, and use their spiritual gifts for ministry in the local church.


Curriculum chart: 40 courses are divided in two cycles of 20, and cover the Bible, Theology, Church Ministry, Christian Life, Management, General Education, and Leadership.

Credits: 3 credits per course; a total of 120 credits.

Study material: 1 textbook for each course.

Methodology: group meetings (classes) and individual home study.

Workload: 52 class hours per course (12 hours in study group and 40 hours in individual home study); a total of 2,080 class hours.

Evaluation system: answer sheet, essay, and exam.

Study system: rotating system; one can start studying at any of the 10 courses during the year.

Duration: 2 years for each Cycle; 4 years for the entire program (Cycles I and II); 10 courses are studied each year, in sequence.

Documents upon completion:

– Certicate of Biblical Science (2nd year)

– Diploma of Ministry (3rd year)

– Diploma of Bachelor in Ministry (4th year)

– Diploma of Bachelor in Theology (4th year)

Requirements for enrollment:

– Cycle I: minimum age, 16 years old and a member of an Evangelical church

– Cycle II: minimum age, 18 years old; High School completed and a member of an Evangelical church.